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25 Quotes on How to Love Yourself [with printable designs]

Why do you need to learn how to love yourself? For me, there’s one simple reason- you’re stuck with yourself! It’s the relationship you have with yourself more than any other factor that determines your thoughts, actions, attitude and even your mood. This is more important than your circumstances and relationships that you find yourself […]

21 Best Blogs for Food to Get Amazing Recipes

I love cooking. But what I love isn’t getting experimental in the kitchen, it’s finding a great recipe that I trust. After all, if I’m buying the ingredients and spending the time, I want it to work! That’s why I love discovering the best blogs for food. I love finding food blogs that I can […]

How to Deal With Stress So You Can Enjoy Life to the Max

There is no blanket rule for how to deal with stress. It comes in so many forms, and can be a result of so many factors. In fact, stress is as individual as the people it effects. Stress affects both your mind through constant worrying and anxiety, and your physical state, so you need to […]

How to Stop Being Negative and Live a Positive Life

Learning how to stop being negative is difficult… but it might be easier than you think. I will help you to understand what’s going on the brain to cause negativity, and a very simple technique to stop the spiral of negativity in your mind, helping you to be more positive and happier in life! Did […]

5 Powerful Secrets For How to Live in the Present

Knowing how to live in the present can be difficult. Trust me, I know. For me, the past and the future can press in, making me feel stressed out from both sides. It’s tempting to agonize over the past- to pick apart and second guess your decisions and to find fault in how you acted. […]

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