27 Good Vibes Quotes for a Feel-Good Day and a Life You Love

These 27 good vibes quotes will help you to get into a positive mood, no matter where you are, who you’re with, or what you’re doing. I believe that good vibes come from your mindset and attitude to your circumstances and the people around you. Check out these awesome and inspiring quotes to help you […]

21 Keep Moving Forward Quotes to Empower You To Be Strong

It’s natural to strive for success and a feeling of being ‘there’ in life. But the funny thing about life is this: that feeling never comes! It’s part of being human to constantly shift the goalposts and to be always striving towards the next thing. This can make us disheartened- if we’re never ‘there’ then […]

17 Inspirational Quotes About Choices in Life [with printable designs]

Whether you need inspiration to make choices, or feel like you’re powerless and have run out of options, these quotes about choices in life will motivate you to realize the power you have to change your life, and empower you to make amazing and courageous choices so that you truly live life to the full. […]

25 Quotes on How to Love Yourself [with printable designs]

Why do you need to learn how to love yourself? For me, there’s one simple reason- you’re stuck with yourself! It’s the relationship you have with yourself more than any other factor that determines your thoughts, actions, attitude and even your mood. This is more important than your circumstances and relationships that you find yourself […]

21 Best Blogs for Food to Get Amazing Recipes

I love cooking. But what I love isn’t getting experimental in the kitchen, it’s finding a great recipe that I trust. After all, if I’m buying the ingredients and spending the time, I want it to work! That’s why I love discovering the best blogs for food. I love finding food blogs that I can […]

27 Life-Changing Quotes on Joy for a Positive Life [printable designs]

These quotes on joy are from some of the most inspirational people who speak about living life intentionally with positivity and joy. Sounds good, right? But living like this can be so difficult in the everyday ordinariness of life. These quotes on joy are full of wisdom from the life experience of others. This can […]

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