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I wanted to share some of the most useful resources that have helped me to design and build my blog, sell eBooks on Amazon KDP, and run my Etsy Shop. I am sure they will help you as much as they have helped me.

Note: Some of the links below are affiliate links, so I may get a commission if you choose to use these companies. They are all companies I use and love. Thanks for supporting Happier With Tea


I deliberated for a long time over which hosting service to use for my blog, and in the end I chose Siteground based on the amazing customer service reputation they have (matched with my own technical limitations!) I’m very happy with my decision and all the support I received from the team, especially in the early stages- they’re incredible. They fully deserve their reputation. Bluehost are also a great option that I have used previously. If price is a top factor then they’re the way to go.

is an amazing course, and a way to grow your subscriber list more quickly than you’d ever dreamed! I love the Pinterest Ninja ‘ultimate guide’ which is what I purchased. I found it incredibly worthwhile as it helped with social media in general and helped me to understand Pinterest in a whole new way. There is also an ebook and a VA course and there are packages available.

While it isn’t necessary to sell digital products directly from your blog, there are a lot of benefits to doing so, and SendOwl make it extremely easy. This is especially useful if you don’t have an Etsy Shop or another platform. They’re a nice option that will save a lot of hassle!


Canva is my absolute favourite design tool. There is a free version which is pretty good. Canva Pro is $13 per month, and for this you have access to a wider range of fonts, images and templates, and can download with a transparent background (which I’ve used a lot in my designs for etsy, my blog, and my book covers). If I could only recommend one thing for design, this would definitely be it. Try it for free with this link.

Printify is one of the two sites I use for designing and selling products on Etsy, but it connects with other online storefronts too. They make it so easy to connect and upload products and I find it to be competitively priced.

The second site I use all the time is Printful. It has different product options (a little pricier than Printify) but it has fantastic customer service and it also integrates with Amazon so you can sell there if you choose. I like to have both open and pick and choose between them when creating products.

Shutterstock have a great range of photos, illustration, and vector graphics that I use for my blog, designs, and book covers. Pixabay is my favorite site for free images but if you need something more, Shutterstock is my favorite. When you sign up you get 10 free images, and can cancel again risk-free if you want. Even just for these 10 photos, Shutterstock is worth checking out!


I invested in Publisher Rocket and it made my eBook sales instantly soar! It suggests key words and lets you know exactly how many people search each phrase per month and how competitive a key word is to rank for, and it lets you find categories in amazon, and even scout your competition. For me, this is the best investment I’ve made into my writing, and it ensures that people actually see (and as a result, buy) my books.

If you want to be able to proofread, spellcheck and grammar-check your work (whether it’s a blog, social media posts, a course, or an eBook), Grammarly are a good option. This tool even helps with the tone of your writing. Words are your brand and this tool helps you to craft content that is perfect for what you need.

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