11 Romantic and Unique At Home Valentine’s Day Ideas for 2021

at home valentine's day ideas for 2021

There’s something appealing about a Valentine’s Day at home. You can skip the rush, stress and expense of a night out, battling with every other couple in your vicinity. And, of course, in 2021 you very likely have no other choice but to stay in! But don’t worry, these 15 romantic at home Valentine’s Day ideas will ensure you still have a memorable and romantic Valentine’s Day. After all, it’s your partner that’s important- not the location.

These are classic at home date ideas with a twist. So read on for some unique ideas for a Valentine’s Day to remember!

For some extra Valentine’s Day help, why not check out my list of 10 Best Free Valentine’s Day Printables. There is so much good quality stuff available for free that will help you to make Valentine’s Day special.


at home valentine's day ideas 2021
  1. Craft something together
  2. Have a different conversation
  3. Cook together
  4. Order in
  5. Stargaze
  6. Play a game
  7. Book a trip away
  8. Declare war
  9. Have a spa day
  10. Do an online class
  11. Organize a treasure hunt


at home valentine's day ideas 2021

If you want something a bit different than your typical night in, why not check out some couple’s craft projects? Crafting together is a great way to shake your relationship up a bit- to keep it interesting and have a laugh together. It will even strengthen your connection as a couple.

I love Bustle’s 9 Easy Date Night Craft Projects– there are lots of ideas for a crafty and romantic at home Valentine’s day this year.


at home valentine's day ideas 2021

Conversation starters are a very cool way for couples to get to know each other better.

But for conversation starters that have a fun twist, try Crafted With Love’s 20 Most Fun and Outrageous Conversation Starters for Any Couple.

Here is an example of one of the questions:

On Amazon, you find a DIY bath bomb kit that will be delivered in the next 5 minutes if you order now. Get it! For your first bath bomb, you decide to create one that smells just like your first date. What would that bath bomb smell like?


at home valentine's day ideas 2021

Cooking together is one of the most tried and true ideas for a Valentine’s Day at home. From fondue to pizza, tarts to a classic roast, Delicious has you covered with these 70 recipes for a romantic date night at home.

To shake this up, why not:

  • Agree on the ingredients and time limit, then each person makes a meal using only these ingredients and within the timeframe. See who triumphs in this casual version of ‘Ready, Steady, Cook.’ Enjoy tasting what your partner came up with!
  • Create your own recipe- use your evening together to invent your own recipe as a couple. Why not post it on social media or even get it printed?


at home valentine's day ideas 2021

Of course, if you want to skip the stress of cooking, ordering in is a classic date night at home idea. This year, most restaurants are offering a takeaway service. Why not check out your favourite and see? It’s also worth googling to see if there are offers and deals for Valentine’s day meals in your area.

To shake this up, why not each order a meal for the other person? Order what you know they will love and enjoy the element of surprise as you see what they order for you.


at home valentine's day ideas 2021

If you have a balcony or garden, take full advantage on Valentine’s Day and get outside for a session of stargazing. Make it super cozy and romantic with the addition of blankets, hot water bottles, warm food, and hot chocolate or mulled wine or cider. If it’s possible, build a fire and toast marshmallows.


at home valentine's day ideas

One of the best ideas for a Valentine’s Day at home is to have a games night. There are lots of ways you can make this unique to you as a couple.

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Set up a gaming station and lose yourself to the Xbox or PS5 for the whole evening. Choose games that allow you to interact as a couple, whether it’s soccer, racing or fighting.
  • Have a ‘back to childhood’ games night. Play games like Connect 4, Snakes and Ladders and Operation for a blast of nostalgia and a fun Valentine’s Day.
  • Get dressed up and have a casino night. Make the stakes as interesting as you dare! Make a Date Of It have some very cool ideas for throwing a Casino Date Night that even includes free printables!


at home valentine's day ideas

One of my favorite ideas for a Valentine’s Day at home this year is to look to the future! What better time to plan and actually book in some dates for a future holiday. Take your time in planning your dream location and what activities you want to do. However, I do recommend that you book things with free cancellation just in case restrictions don’t allow you to go away. Still, it’s so important to have hope for the future and things to look forward to. What better use of Valentine’s Day 2021?


at home valentine's day ideas

This is one of the more unique ideas for an at home Valentine’s Day: why not declare war on your partner? Lay out the rules of the game. Is it capture the flag? A traditional pillow fight? Playing tag in the dark? A sock war where you get points for hitting your partner? Turn the house into a war zone and let out your inner child for exhilarating, hilarious and competitive fun.


at home valentine's day ideas

Why not plan a relaxing Valentine’s Day at home with a stay at home spa experience?

This might include:

  • A warm bubbly bath
  • Massages with nice oil/ head massages
  • Face masks
  • Candles, mood lighting and good music
  • Foot soaks


at home valentine's day ideas

From cocktail mixing to dance lessons, these ideas for online classes are a unique way to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home this year.

Whether you want to learn a new skill together or just try something wild for the fun of it, there is online classes galore!

Check out Lifehack’s 10 couple classes for a fun relationship.


at home valentine's day ideas

Planning and organizing a Treasure Hunt for your partner is one of the most romantic and unique ideas for Valentine’s Day. Check out How to Plan a Romantic Treasure Hunt on WikiHow. Your partner will absolutely love the surprise and the effort you have gone to for them to make Valentine’s Day romantic and unique in 2021.

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Thanks for checking out these ideas for your Valentine’s Day at home in 2021. Please comment and let me know if you’ve tried any or if you have any different ideas. I’d love to hear from you. If you enjoyed this post, why not share it on social media? Every share is much appreciated!


11 Romantic and Unique At Home Valentine’s Day Ideas for 2021

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