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45 Ultimate Easy, Medium and Hard Riddles for Kids

   Having a few riddles for kids up your sleeve will give you a great way to entertain your kids throughout the day. Next time you’re going for a walk, a car ride, or waiting for a bus or in a queue, why not pass the time with a riddle? They don’t require any materials […]

51 Funniest Christmas Jokes For Kids for a Festive Giggle

   This ultimate collection of the funniest Christmas jokes for kids are full of puns, snow-themed jokes, and all-round festive humor… with more than a little bit of corniness thrown in! Christmas is the season for cheesy Christmas cracker jokes and time with family- this list will ensure you are never short of a festive […]

The Ultimate List of Hilarious Jokes for Kids About School

   Kids spend a huge amount of time at school so jokes about school for kids is a great topic! In fact, 13% of your child’s waking time is spent in school. This means that school is the perfect topic for jokes. Jokes are a lot of fun, but did you know that learning to […]

51 Fun Tongue Twisters for Kids To Improve Speech

These tongue twisters for kids are a fun child-friendly way to improve speech and pronunciation! These are my all-time favorite tongue twisters to use with my drama classes- the kids absolutely love trying them out. You will be sure to get a few giggles, but you will also see your kids grow in confidence as […]

5 Simple Tips to Make Reading With Your Kids Educational and Fun

Reading with your kids can be so much fun and a great time to bond…. but it can also feel like a daily chore, especially when your kids aren’t enthusiastic about it! These simple tips will show you how to make reading with your kids loads of fun, while also ensuring it’s both educational and […]

7 Surprising Benefits of Reading To Your Toddler

  We know that reading to your toddler has clear benefits. It helps them learn the alphabet, and get ready for reading in school, right? While these aren’t bad things, there are so many more benefits of reading to your toddler! Reading is a special time and boosts your toddler’s development in a whole range […]

5 Easy Tips from a Speech Pathologist- How to Encourage Toddlers to Talk

When your toddler isn’t talking, it can be worrying and frustrating. Delayed language can have a knock-on impact for schooling and beyond, so it’s important to prioritize language development from an early age. These are five easy tips for how to encourage toddlers to talk from a certified SLP! 5 Easy Tips To Encourage Toddlers […]

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