Year: 2020

25 Quotes on How to Love Yourself [with printable designs]

Why do you need to learn how to love yourself? For me, there’s one simple reason- you’re stuck with yourself! It’s the relationship you have with yourself more than any other factor that determines your thoughts, actions, attitude and even your mood. This is more important than your circumstances and relationships that you find yourself […]

21 Best Blogs for Food to Get Amazing Recipes

I love cooking. But what I love isn’t getting experimental in the kitchen, it’s finding a great recipe that I trust. After all, if I’m buying the ingredients and spending the time, I want it to work! That’s why I love discovering the best blogs for food. I love finding food blogs that I can […]

10 Essential Questions on Parenting Answered By a Therapist

These 10 essential questions on parenting were taken from questions on forums that I see come up again and again. The very process of parenting raises questions so I hope that this post will help out with giving more info on even just one! I’ve linked to further resources for each question so you can […]

5 Passive Income Ideas That You Can ‘Set and Forget’

Passive Income is the dream, right? A steady income so you can make money while you sleep, allowing you to reach financial freedom and work at what you love. Well, it’s not as difficult as you might think! Check out these 5 passive income ideas to get started! Passive income is defined as ‘earning a […]

How to Start Your Own Small Business From Home

It’s never been a better time to figure out how to start your own business from home. Whether you want a more flexible job, a side hustle, or even a full time income so you can quit your job, starting a business from home is something to seriously consider. In this post I will share […]

7 Fun Hobbies To Make Money Online Doing What You Love

Whether you want the opportunity to make a little extra money, start a side hustle, or even find a new source of full-time income, figuring out how to make money from a hobby is something you should consider. This post covers 7 popular hobbies that make money online! Hobbies are generally something we love to […]

11 Awesome Books To Make Teaching Kids About Emotions a Breeze

Teaching kids about emotions is one of the most important jobs that parents have. It’s also one of the most difficult! We all experience strong emotions, and toddlers are no exception. However, toddlers can struggle to understand big emotions, and can very easily become overwhelmed. This often leads to frustration, anxiety, stress and even challenging […]

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