How to Make $1000 A Month of Extra Income

how to make $1000 a month

A lot of people want to find new ways to make money outside of their 9-5 job. Maybe it’s about having more time to do what you love, more flexibility and control over your working hours, or even for job security in the face of redundancies from work. Whatever the reason, figuring out how to make an extra $1000 a month is a great target.

This would replace a big chunk of many people’s salary, give you extra money so you can do more things, supplement your savings, or even to go part time at work.

Successfully figuring out how to make an extra $1000 a month can also be the boost you need to see that even more is possible! There are so many creative ways to make money online. If this is something you’re interested in exploring then go for it!

Yes it takes patience and hard work but what if it’s only the first step?

What if you were eventually able to replace your full time salary and work entirely for yourself doing what you love?

Imagine if you could reach a point of financial freedom in your life- a point of zero debt. Would it change your life?

All of these ideas can help you to work towards making $1000 a month- choose a side hustle idea that excites you and aligns with your interests and skills.

Many of these ideas will show you how to make passive income. This is something I’m massively passionate about. With some upfront work you can create streams of passive income and as a result you will earn money passively for years to come!

Remember that this time next year you might wish you had started today. So check out my ideas and get started!

how to make $1000 a month

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how to make $1000 a month

Want to know how to make an extra $1000 a month? Why not look at your hobbies and see if you can make money from what you love to do?

You would be amazed at the range of hobbies that can make money online. Whether you like to write, craft, design or even gaming. (Yes, really!)

Making an extra $1000 a month is going to take dedication and work, so it needs to be something that motivates you.

Interested? Check out 7 fun hobbies that make money online.


how to make $1000 a month

There are more and more options available to work for an employer from the comfort of home. You might have to be available for the usual office hours but employers are becoming more flexible in this regard as well.

Working from home will mean you can save time on the commute and have more time for family life or the things you love to do.

If all this sounds like it might be right for you, check out my posts to get more ideas on work from home jobs.


girl on computer

Did you know that you can paid for what you are already doing online?

Prize Rebel:

This is one of the best platforms around to complete surveys and make money. It matches you with surveys and makes it easy to complete them, lets you earn points through offers, watching videos, and referring friends. It even gives you opportunity to win points.

It’s got an easy to use dashboard, plenty of support, good prizes, and smooth payout options.

However, the best bit is that you can get paid for referring your friends! When a friend signs up through your referral link, YOU get paid. This means that if you share your link widely, you could really take advantage of this way to make extra money.

All in all, if you’re looking for an easy and legit way to make extra money, Prize Rebel is worth a try! Why not click here and check it out?


Swagbucks is a great way to get extra money for the things you are already doing online. It allows you to earn free gift cards and cash for the everyday things you do online.

What things can you do to earn points?

  • Shop online
  • Watch entertaining videos
  • Search the web
  • Answer surveys

You can then redeem your points for free gift cards to your favorite retailers like Amazon or Walmart, or get cash back from PayPal.

Like Prize Rebel, when you refer a friend, you will get a percentage of their earnings for the lifetime of their account!

Again, imagine if you could share your link through social media and get loads of signups. You would earn a stream of passive income without having to actively earn each point!

So, if any of these are things you are already doing, and you’re searching for how to make extra money from home, then why not sign up with Swagbucks and make a little extra cash?


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I love finding ways to make money and, even better, to create passive income.

Whether you want to find a way to work from homemake money online, or even just to earn a side income with a hobby, check out my posts to get some ideas and get started!

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How to Make $1000 A Month of Extra Income

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