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21 Kickass Female Inspirational Quotes [with printable designs]

Can you name women that inspire you? Maybe you’re thinking about family, celebrities, and women from history. But what about women who you might see as competition? These female inspirational quotes will motivate you not only to live life to the full as a woman, but also to support and cheer on other females along […]

11 Must-Know Tips on How to be Happy With Yourself

Learning how to be happy with yourself is one of the most important things you can ever do in life. But the problem is, it’s so easy to think, ‘I’d be happy if only I were married/ had a child/ had a promotion….’ But would you? It’s true that happiness is entirely individual. Happiness is […]

How to be Successful in Life: It’s Simpler Than You Think!

We all want to know how to be successful in life. But it’s so hard to define what counts as success. Success is so individualized- it means something different for every single person. But somehow, success can also feel incredibly elusive. It can be easy to look around and think that everyone else is more […]

5 Science Backed Strategies on How to Achieve Your Goals

Knowing how to achieve your goals can be a huge struggle. I’ve been there. My goal in life was to be a writer… or at least, that’s the answer I spewed whenever anyone asked. But this wasn’t a goal. I didn’t have a strategy. Neither had I defined my goal, or looked at any science-backed […]

4 Awesome Ted Talks That Will Show You How to Get Stuff Done

Knowing how to get stuff done has been one of my biggest challenges in life. And the thing is this: is isn’t my skills, my passion, or my belief in what I have to do- it’s my motivation! This sounds crazy though, right? I want to be productive, energized, and motivated. I’d like to do […]

10 Quick and Easy Vegan Dessert Recipes for a Sweet Healthy Hit

These 10 easy vegan dessert recipes are all delicious and super quick to make. They’re perfect for enjoying on your own as a healthier version of a classic treat, or for when you have guests coming over that have dietary requirements. Lots of these have been adapted from traditional recipes. You’ll be surprised how good […]

10 Easy Vegan Recipes for a Quick and Healthy Dinner

These easy vegan dinner recipes will ensure you are never stuck for a healthy meal that’s quick to rustle up. More and more people are moving to a plant-based diet for health, ethical and environmental reasons. But you don’t have to be vegan to enjoy amazing vegan recipes! This is something you can even consider […]

10 Best Coffee Recipes for a Creative Start to Your Day

Coffee is the highlight of my morning. There’s nothing like that very first sip- I love the taste but I also love that it’s a solid part of my morning routine. I find that having a regular routine calms me and sets me up for the day. However, I still love doing things creatively within […]

25 Stay At Home Date Night Ideas that will Skyrocket Your Relationship

Whether it’s because of lockdown, parental responsibilities, or just the busyness of life, it isn’t always possible to leave the house for a date night. Luckily, date nights at home can be even more intimate, romantic and fun. At home, you have the freedom to do whatever you want! I’ve put together the ultimate list […]

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